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About Ken Rabow

Ken Rabow is a life empowerment coach for teens and young adults. He specializes in helping young people:
  • a) find their personal power to rise above their challenges,
  • b) learn positive ways to communicate and listen - free of fights,
  • c) see and own their part in their present situations,
  • d) embrace a better way to succeed in life/school/relationships.
His coaching techniques will help teens and young adults with issues like:
  • 1) teen depression
  • 2) depression in young adults
  • 3) teen anxiety
  • 4) anxiety in young adults
  • 5) addiction in teenagers
  • 6) video game addiction
  • 7) pot addiction

Ken's "outside-of-the-box" methods have had great success with people who have tried traditional therapies, medications and counseling without the long-term success they had hoped for.

This system works for all sorts of challenges that stop young adults from believing that they can achieve such as self-sabotage, learning challenges, addictions, mental health issues and more.


Ken's History

Ken Rabow

Ken Rabow has been working as an intuitive therapist since 1995 and as a teacher and musical director since 1980. Originally creating and running Musicians Professional Workshop in Montreal, a music school that focused on different teaching techniques and learning styles for learning music, Ken put an emphasis on inviting students to bring what they learned in class into "real life".

Starting in 1995, Ken also began working as a Reiki practitioner and soon added many alternative disciplines to his healing practice. The most powerful modalities were holistic therapy and meditation.

He ended up being the "go-to guy" for several psychotherapists when their clients needed a different view on their life challenges. Working mainly in English, Ken decided to continue his practice and his music in Toronto.

In Toronto, Ken went on to teach at several schools including the Toronto Heschel School as a music specialist focusing on projects that enabled students to create their own music and find their own voice. During this time Ken continued to see holistic therapy clients privately.

It was during this time that Ken began working individually with students whose needs were not being served by mainstream education or therapy, causing them to fall between the cracks. Issues such as public speaking, listening challenges, learning challenges and incontinence. Ken also began working at this time with special need students at the Muki Baum Association as a music director, focusing on projects that challenged and inspired students of all learning styles.

Ken developed a reputation for thinking outside the box in his teaching and therapy. In many cases, Ken was able to guide people to heights that others had said were beyond these client's reach.

As Ken's younger clients went from middle school into high school, some of them began requesting work for issues of constantly self-sabotaging their school lives. This began the whole concept of Real Life Coaching which was a culmination of all the different experiences Ken had up until then.

Helping young people find their personal positive power through simple daily routines based on their higher goals and the challenges to those goals.

This has become a passion and a personal mission for Ken, the idea that some of our future leaders are seen in their troubled youth as people incapable of succeeding, when all they need is a non-conformist way to find their strengths.

Ken also works with adults with similar challenges as well as teaching people public speaking, clearing phobias and active listening skills.

Ken has begun giving motivational speeches for parents, teachers and young adults on the power of Real Life Coaching - to empower young people who don't respond to traditional guidance.

Ken posts blogs right here and offers up-to-date information on his workshops and webinars through his newsletter. You can also check out his precious articles at the Huffington Post as well as his podcasts at iTunes. (Just do a search on "Ken Rabow")

Now that Ken's book: "The Slacker's Guide to Success" is out, Ken has the first of several books to help others use this powerful system for helping people succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Ken offers personal life empowerment coaching through Skype and in person as well as clinics about personal empowerment throughout Canada. Ken lives in Orillia, Ontario and maintains his practice there as well as offering telephone and Skype sessions anywhere in the world.

2015 – World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc began to seek out potential Life Coaches / Mentors wanting to be trained in Ken's system. Mentors Professional Workshop begins!

In 2016, people throughout North America will have access to these new professional Mentors.

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About Helena Mihelic-Rabow

Helena Mihelic-Rabow

Helena Mihelic-Rabow is a mental health support professional specializing in helping teens, young adults and their families cope with mental health issues such as:

  1. Providing out-patient services at home or in residence.
  2. Assessments and determinations of when a patient requires further psychiatric referrals.
  3. Putting in place ancillary services such as: alcohol support groups; drug rehab programs; etc.,
  4. Helping facilitate entry into programs such as education; hobbies; vocational opportunities including volunteer work.
  5. Promoting a slow process of incorporating mindfulness meditation courses to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  6. Helena is a registered nurse with over twenty years experience of specializing in psychiatric care including child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry as well as Emergency Psychiatry. Helena is known in the field as a compassionate, professional and effective practitioner, who puts the welfare of her clients first.
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Testimonial For Real Life CoachingWe have a 17 year old son who has Aspergers Syndrome and is in the special needs program ... Our son has struggled for years with controlling his emotions, socializing, managing with behaviour at school and other social challenges. Over the years we have sought many different kinds of intervention including working with an anger management therapist, social workers, government run programs, The Geneva Centre and more and did not find that any of those services helped our son. We only started seeing positive results after we were referred to Ken Rabow, a Life Skills coach who specializes in working with teens and young adults on the spectrum.

We have seen incredible improvements in our son’s social skills, behaviour management, academic effort and emotional control since he has been working with Ken. Ken has also helped to educate us in more effective ways to deal with our son when we are in conflict.

We have found many benefits in Ken’s work as a Life Skills coach with our son. As someone who specializes in people on the spectrum, we feel that Ken is the only person who has had success in working with our son in assisting him with the Aspergers challenges that he faces in school, socially and even at home. Our son continues to have some challenges, but the work that Ken continues to do with him is making a huge difference to the quality of his life (and ours!).

We are so thankful that Ken came into our lives when he did. Working with Ken has given us hope and comfort for a successful future for our son.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- S.&K.G.

Hi Ken,

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingThank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my son, T***, on such short notice. He is an incredibly intelligent, perceptive, sensitive and normally loving human being who cares about seniors, animals, children, and would like more friends his age.

Could you please call T*** this evening at 7 pm. I think at this time he will have had supper and enough sleep and be amenable to talking to a good-hearted and wise person like yourself. Should I tell him to expect your call? He does not like surprises or being put on the spot.

Happy Belated holiday and a BIG Thank You.Thank You To Real Life Coaching

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingKen's success with troubled students has been nothing short of Astonishing.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- Dr Meg Fox – Principal of Dragon Academy

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingKen's work is not life coaching...it's life-turning-around coaching.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- Jay Pasternack...Addictions Councillor

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingI've been working with Ken twice a week for the past two years. Two years ago I was (what is commonly known as) a 'slacker'. My schedule consisted mainly of staying at home, smoking and playing video games. I had known Ken through friends and I thought it was time to try something different. I had gone to two different Universities, failed out of both of them, and was convinced that I would never go back. Ken helped me start a routine of daily exercises that I not only enjoyed, but also contributed to my growth as a person. We would also look at what was obstructing my progress with each daily activity, and track the root of the problem. Pretty soon my self-confidence started to come back and we created a plan to get myself back on track. The methods Ken and I used helped tremendously during my re-entry into University, and I feel empowered as to the direction I am leading my life in. My teacher even mentioned to me that he noticed my eagerness in class! Thanks Ken!Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- B.G. Toronto, Ontario

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingAs a parent of a teenager that you have coached, I can say that it is amazing what you and my teenager have been able to accomplish using your system. The positive changes are dramatic. I know it is a lot of hard work and effort on your part, and even more on the part of my teenager, but when you consider the results, it is well worth it. Thanks and keep up the good work!Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- W.C. Toronto, ON

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingKen, I want to thank you. I was really proud of our daughter. She was very concise in explaining her feelings in the family session with you and there was a sincerity there that I have not really seen in the past. Thanks again.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- B.F.

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingThanks for the your help, Ken. And thank you for all you have done for our son. He had a great summer and my husband and I are both really pleased with the changes we have seen. We are hopeful that Grade 8 will be a better year. We will keep in touch. Its comforting knowing you are out there as a safe place for our son if he needs a little guidance.
Best,Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- J.C.M

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingKen – thanks for everything, and we'll stay in touch. (Name withheld) said to me last night on a very emotional drive home that he'd be happy to continue working with you – he definitely respects and enjoys you.
Best to you, Ken.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- L.C.M

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingKen was the keynote speaker at a recent day of professional development at our school. In an hour, his infectious love and enthusiasm for the student and student experience energized our teachers and had them visibly excited about additions to their classroom culture and rituals.

Ken has a deep interest in, and understanding of, people – their motivations, their conflicts, and in reaching back to roots of those conflicts to understand them and thereby strengthen. He listens because he cares, and those around him feel heard, empowered, and safe. A fun and highly enriching hour of music, strategy, stories, and learning!Thank You To Real Life Coaching
- Luke Coles - Principal, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingI have been working with Ken and benefiting from his EFT techniques for the past few weeks. I have found him to be very professional, intuitive and working with compassion and integrity. I am happy to recommend Ken and his EFT training to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
-LJL Montreal

Testimonial For Real Life CoachingI was very fortunate to meet up with Ken Rabow as a client in his EFT work.

I was first of all impressed with Ken's punctuality which to me is a good sign of taking the matter at hand seriously. We had two sessions as well as an assessment and follow-up. All of this was timely done and with professionalism.

I found Ken to be very present in these sessions and with great ability he was able to quickly cap my situation. I found him to be very knowledgeable, intuitive, sensitive, empathetic and right on top of the exercise. He seemed very confident, relaxed and reassuring.

With his help, I find that I accomplished in a very short time a good start to my goals and hopes. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to "work" with Ken and highly recommend him to anyone who needs an open ear and coaching with EFT.Thank You To Real Life Coaching
-Suzanne B. Montreal, Quebec

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