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Help For Parents

Parents are overwhelmed these days expected to be all things to their children. What if you could have someone coach your child to rise above his or her challenges?

A life empowerment coach allows young adults to continue in their daily lives while starting to change their attitude and communication abilities. Their desire for success grows and...they embrace the possibilities of finding their own place in the world.

This can be done at home, in a dorm room or in their own apartment.

These clients learn positive ways to communicate with their parents, friends, teachers/bosses and students/coworkers.

Parents Comforting Sad Teenager

Most importantly, they experience the power of daily practice.

Whether your child is a gifted underachiever, someone who is learning challenged or filled with anxiety or anger, we can help. If they lack motivation, have mental health issues or are simply stuck in a pattern that does not lead to success we can help. We specialize in helping with teen depression and depression in young adults, teen anxiety and anxiety in young adults as well as addictions in teenagers and young adults including, yet not limited to, video game addiction and pot addiction.

Then there is the question for the young people who do well in school but are in danger of ending up in a McJob upon graduation.

Real Life Coaching can help empower teens and young adults to:
1) Find their personal power,
2) gain the confidence to grow on a day-to-day basis,
3) learn to achieve their greatest successes by thinking outside of the box and
4) reduce anxiety that can sometimes lead to addiction in teenagers and/or depression in young adults.


The bulk of the people who come to me have children who are not succeeding in life. Many of these teenagers or young adults are suffering from teen depression and/or teen anxiety, and these challenges can lead to depression in young adults and anxiety in young adults as teens grow into their 20s. These families have tried most of the mainstream modalities; talk therapy; counselors; psychiatrists; psychologists; medication; etc., and although these things can really have a great effect for the right person, the people who come to me have found that these modalities have not made the long-term changes they sought. This may be the time for a different approach.

Here it is: Life Empowerment Coaching. An action-based, forward thinking system that empowers young people to create small daily successes in their lives that encourage them to embrace success in their lives from a new perspective. This is all done through a simple daily schedule system that builds on success and decreases teen depression, teen anxiety and teen addiction, including anxiety in young adults, depression in young adults and addiction in young adults.
Contact Ken Rabow
  • Ask questions.
  • Share what you feel are the challenges in your child's life.
  • Ken will set up a time to speak with you and/or your child
    to see if this is the right approach for you.
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Help For Teens & Young Adults

If you are a teen or young adult reading this, I'm guessing your parents asked you to check it out. How is this different from talk therapy or taking meds or being forced into a six week "magic camp"?

Life empowerment coaching is all about you. It will help you create a successful path for yourself, it will help you avoid dead ends and give you … the one thing that all the praise in the world can't give you, a pride that is self-earned.

Isolated Teen Girl

How do you get this? You earn this in small day-to-day successes which make sense to you. Successes that are hard to explain to someone on the outside but that you and your life coach "get". From there, we can build anything! It can be as little as three five-minute daily exercises or you can start with three 30 minute exercises or anything in between. You call the shots.

What else?
We listen. We let you lead but with guidance free of judgment. We are not as concerned about the outcome as the journey. We embrace messing up because messing up is where your greatness will come from (once you learn how to use it) and we will always be straight with you. You deserve that.

If this interests you, read some of the articles that you think might give you an idea of what we do and set up a time to talk for 15 minutes or so. If you don't like it then, no harm no foul, if you do, we'll take it one session at a time.

Check out the videos of some of our clients. They won't be you but maybe something in what they say will help you see if this is worth a try.

Thanks for reading this. Now back to D&D.

Your Goals

If you are a young adult and you are reading this, you are already on a good path towards finding your success. The people I work with (ages twelve to twenty-eight) have found that the mainstream ways of working their stuff out just doesn't do much for them. (Guess who gets the blame?)

I'm here to tell you that for those who think differently, for those who "just don't work" the way everyone wants them to, there is a world of great things, positive things that you can take ahold of to find your personal greatness. The search alone and a new-found belief in yourself will put you on the path to find your contentment, your happiness and your personal success.

Contact Ken Rabow
  • Ask questions.
  • Share what you feel are the challenges in your life.
  • Ken will set up a time to speak with you
    and see if this is the right approach for you.
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Become a Professional Life Coach / Mentor

Make A Difference

Are you a person in their 20’s who would love a well paying job that truly makes a difference in the world?

Are you a person in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s with lots of life experience who wants to help the new generation?

Becoming a Professional Mentor can be one of the greatest things you could possibly do. As a true sounding board, an inspiration and a guide to troubled teens and young adults, Ken Rabow’s method will help you offer people a chance to find their way out of their blocks into their potential greatness.

1st Degree Mentors earn $35 per hour  ~  2nd Degree Mentors earn $60 per hour
Master Level Mentors earn $100 per hour

  • Share this with someone who would be a perfect candidate to become a Professional Life Coach / Mentor for Young Adults
  • Book a Free 15 Minute Interview to learn how we can train you to become a Professional Life Coach / Mentor for Young Adults
  • Go to our sister website, Mentors Professional Workshop, to learn all about Becoming a Professional Life Coach / Mentor for Young Adults
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Mental Health Support

Help For Teens and Young Adults with Anxiety - Bipolar Disorder - Schizophrenia - Learning Challenges - Addictions - Depression.

Mental Health Support
Mental Health Services Provided

Life Empowerment Coaching:

  1. Create a daily routine of things to do that interest the client, building rapport, trust and a sense of earned self-esteem.
  2. Learn how to handle the challenges that frustrate and disempower the client and work together to create "work-arounds" to get the job done.
  3. Establish new ways to communicate successfully with family, school staff, healthcare providers and people in general.
  4. Work towards long-term goals of attainable self-sufficiency.

Independent Community Mental Health Services:

  1. Provide out-patient services at home or in residence.
  2. Assess and determine when or if patient requires further psychiatric referrals.
  3. Suggest proper ancillary services such as: alcohol support groups, drug rehab programs, etc.
  4. Look for interests such as education; hobbies; vocational opportunities including volunteer work.
  5. Promote a slow process of incorporating mindfulness meditation courses to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Facts About Mental Health In Our Youth

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, in any given year, one in five people in Canada experience a mental health problem or illness. These mental health problems or illnesses include depression in teens and depression in young adults, teen anxiety and anxiety in young adults and lastly, addiction (such as video game addiction and pot addiction). Only one in four children or youth who experience a mental health problem or illness report that they have sought and received services and treatment.

The Big Question(s) for Parents

The world today is label-happy. Go see a specialist with a troubled child and end up with a fixed diagnosis that may or may not be helpful. It can be the start of true healing or it can become a self-fulfilling label that limits the child's beliefs and capabilities by thinking that this is all that they are. How do we help our children when they are suffering from what seems to be a mental health problem without stigmatizing them, getting them the help they need and the support they deserve?

There is Too Much Misinformation Out There

The biggest danger is false or partial information. There are a lot of misconceptions and stigmas about mental health issues. They include but are not limited to:
  1. understanding the illness in terms of the impact on the child and the family
  2. medications - side effects, benefits and long term use
  3. available treatments
  4. advocating for your child
  5. helping the patient gain insight on their illness
  6. helping the patient be part of the healing process
  7. how psychiatric forms work (should they be necessary).

Meet The Team

Ken Rabow - is a life empowerment coach with a long track record of helping young people deal with all sorts of challenges. From schizophrenia, ADHD, anxiety issues, learning challenged to highly talented under-motivated young adults, Ken has helped many young people find their personal power.

Helena Mihelic-Rabow - is a registered nurse with twenty three years of experience, specializing in psychiatric care including child and adolescent inpatient psychiatry as well as Emergency Psychiatry. Helena is known in the field as a compassionate, professional and effective practitioner, who puts the welfare of her clients first.

The Big Answer for Parents

The big answer is that there are no big answers. We have to look at each individual client as their own person, free of the labels that some professionals would like to box them into. By looking at the total individual, we can come to an out-of-the-box way of seeing them and choosing the proper methods of creating a good mental health strategy. Starting them on a road towards their own successful lives, aware of but not limited by their conditions. With our life empowerment coaching added, you will also have ongoing support on this journey.


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